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Communicate your ideas with flow and excite your audience to pay attention, stay engaged and commit to change their lives.
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Walk tall out of this program knowing you can face any kind of audience and challenge that comes your way.
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Who We Are

The Professional Learning Facilitators are a group of professionals who are passionate about Learning and the dissemination of Knowledge. It isn’t an association or a company. It’s a FAMILY, made up of:

2,000+ individuals from around the world

From the age of 17 till 81 years

from a rich variety of education background, experience and specialisation. We have housewives, educationalists, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, lawyers, etc.

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Learn to present like a professional.

Program PLF mengubah cara penyampaian ilmu bukan sekadar ke tahap antarabangsa, tetapi sesuai dengan adab keilmuan dalam Islam. Setiap kali saya menyampai, saya rasakan ia menjadi ibadah dan amal jariah yang mulia.

PLF Mohd Nadzrin Wahab, Learning & Performance Specialist

Program PLF bukan sekadar membantu peserta menyampaikan ilmu, bahkan menunjuk jalan bagaimana membantu mencapai faham dan hikmah.

PLF Dyna Ahmad, Life Performance Coach

Program PLF menajamkan kemahiran saya sebagai seorang peguam dalam gaya penghujahan di mahkamah dan kaedah penyampaian saya dalam seminar yang dikendalikan.

PLF Redzuan Idrus, Peguam